Products Under Development

Protein Forest’s digital ProteomeChip™
Protein Forest’s first product, the digital ProteomeChip™ (dPC™), will fractionate complex protein mixtures according to their isoelectric points. The dPC™ handles sample volumes, up to 250 µL, containing up to 2 mg protein. The entire separation process can be completed in 30 minutes, which makes the dPC™ an ideal tool to fit in the workflow of protein research. The dPC™ provides researchers with a fast, easy-to-use, and reproducible tool to enhance their samples prior to complex analyses, such as intact mass, amino acid sequencing and immunoblotting. The dPC™ is a disposable product and will be available in narrow, wide, and custom pH ranges.


dPC™Running System
The dPC™ running system has the capacity to run up to 4 separate samples under controlled temperature, voltage, and agitation. The instrument stands alone on the bench without messy buffer tanks or unsightly wires typical of electrophoresis systems.

dPC™Supporting Products

Rapid 2D Screening Rapid 2D Screening
For rapid sample screening, the dPC™ can be run in a conventional SDS-PAGE format. Since the dPC™ gel plugs are in a rigid plastic frame, it is easy to transfer and align the dPC™ on a slab gel. Protein Forest will offer the conventional, 2-station running tank, and single-use gel cassettes with alignment and lock-down features for the dPC™.
Fractionated proteins can be easily transferred to a liquid phase in Protein Forest’s dPC™MicroEluter. This electroeluter is in the same array format as the dPC™, so that the entire dPC™ can be processed at once. The receiving chambers, approximately 10 µL, recover proteins in a liquid phase without unnecessary dilution. MicroEluter

2D Analysis Software
The 2D gel image after dPC™ fractionation differs from conventional 2D electrophoresis because the pI information is presented from discrete pH gel zones. Protein Forest will offer the supporting software, which summarizes pI and molecular weight information from the dPC™ format.

The 2nd dimension separation analysis of two pI plugs is shown below.


Protein Forest will offer a range of kits that simplify sample preparation and running protocols.
Among these will be:
dPC™Focusing Buffers
dPC™SDS-PAGE Transfer Medium
dPC™Sample Solublization
dPC™Tryptic Digestion